Fall / Halloween Decorations

I don't have a lot in the way of seasonal decorations for any season, but I decided I needed to get some.  I went on a little shopping trip, and this is what I brought home:

My mom gave me the terrarium, but I brought it down from the top of my cupboards and added some fall leaves.  I already had the table runner also.

Bought the flowers and the vase thingy at JoAnn.

Added a spider to my wreath.

Then found a really cool feathered wreath for my front door at Target.


Alice in Wonderland said...

I just love the coloured Autumn leaves, so I collect them all, along with pine cones and beech-nuts, and love to make my own decorations! I have a clematis, so I pull bits of it down to make a wreath, and add some feathers and dried flowers, then I just arrange them in a flattish dish!

EmmaP said...

i was gonna suggestjust shopping in your mom's house... the terrarium is cool. my dad made one once. love the flowers too! can't wait to see what else you do this winter.

Gayle said...

I like everything (except the scary spider)! There's LOTS of Halloween decorating going on in blogland these days - if you ever need fresh ideas I can send you some links.