Labor Day (Part 3)

Monday morning we decided to go for a short hike before we left to go home.  There was a short and easy one that went along the shorline of Jackson Lake, which we were camped by.  On our walk the coolest thing that happened was a group of deer jumped out right in front of us to walk across a land brisge to a smal penninsula.

We continued on our way after they had gone.  A little while later Jim stopped to take a picture of the trail behind us, and notice that at least one of them was following us!

It was a beautiful trail and we had lots of fun playing on the beach.

After our hike we decided to get moving so we weren't home too late.  We didn't really stop for much until we got to Paris, ID.  Someone had suggested that we stop and see the Paris ice cave, and that sounded kind of cool, so we took a little detour up into the canyon.  After all, it was an adventure!

We got to the cave, got prepared with jackets and flashlights and headed in, only to get the biggest disappointment of the whole trip.

There was ice.  There was a very small puddle of very dirty ice.  And a snow drift that hadn't melted.  And most of it was open to the sky, which in my mind does not equal a 'cave'. 

All that wasted time... Well, you live and you learn, right?  We finally made it to Bear Lake where we were just in time to get some pizza, and of course a raspberry shake, before they closed.  After Bear Lake we headed straight home.

We traveled over 700 miles in a weekend, had plently of irritations, but also had plenty of fun.  And now whenever anything goes wrong when we're all together, all anyone has to say is, "Adventure!" and everything is all better.


Gayle said...

Fun fun fun! I like that you got to see the deer up so close! You didn't come with us when we went to the Grand Canyon, but there were lots of deer in the campground we stayed at and I noticed that they kept pawing at the ground for some reason. After investigating, I realized that they were digging up mushrooms to eat. Cool!

EmmaP said...

i will have to remember "adventure!"... sort of lie "warm fuzzies". i'm sure it will help :)

looks like you guys had fun!