Early Birthday

My birthday isn't until December, but my in-laws won't be around because they live in Arizona during the winter months.  My mother-in-law loves gifts.  She loves getting them and giving them.  She found me a birthday present while she was in the area this summer and just had to give it to me early.  Hey, I'm not complaining!

It's a really cute metal hanger for leashes.  I put it right above the dogs' food and water bowls for easy walk-time access.


Gayle said...

That is OH SO CUTE! Perfect spot for it too!

Alice in Wonderland said...

That is really cute! I have one very much like it, but it is a coat-hook, and it is two cats with their tails in a heart shape!

EmmaP said...

oooh! cute... **sniffle, sniffle**... kayli loves walks :)